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La Fin is a dark gritty movie showing La Fin has a high production value and was beautifully shot. Tell us about how you got started as filmmakers.

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Hugo: La Fin is my first film. Before embarking on this adventure with François, I held several technician positions in the audiovisual field, including directing music videos. I was very young when I les parasites bande annonce François, we worked together for a few years.

Having more experience, I worked on his projects and he taught me many things. He and I shared the same vision rather bad, mind you haha I think that what motivates me most les parasites bande annonce to convey a message, but it is also the hardest thing to do!

Anecdotes, potins, actus, voire secrets inavouables autour de "Adèle Blanc-Sec" et de son tournage! De la BD au film L'adaptation d'une bande dessinée au cinéma est un pas de géant qui exige de faire des choix.

I went to Paris to try the adventure. I worked a lot as an editor and in the lighting department.

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Then I turned to directing. I made a few short films before but La Fin remains for me the most successful one.

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Making movies allows me to live several lives all in one. The human dynamic created by a film remains the most interesting thing for me.

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I hope that we will have the chance to continue shooting films because the industry in France does not like the kind of project we want to defend.

La Fin has allowed us to pass a cap and we do not intend to stop there.

Adèle Blanc-Sec : les secrets du tournage

The les parasites bande annonce was spectacular, was it a set you built or were you lucky enough to find such a cool abandoned house to shoot in? When we wrote the script, the main set the living room of a house had to be transformed from a rich and inhabited house to a half-flooded and totally devastated "shelter of fortune". We knew we'd have to build it in the studio. Our decorator Galien Malferiol and his team Association Décal have done a great job, and they have succeeded in translating our ideas into something tangible.

Billy D Amikor Hollywood előzeteset készít egy nagy vagy kicsi film számára, ez általában egy csomó spoilert ad el.

This allowed us to really think about the decor from A to Z, and especially to adapt it technically to our way of filming.

It was a real freedom to be able to move the walls, to turn them around, to remove them according to les parasites bande annonce needs.

Even though post apocalyptic scenario's have aren't new, you were able to bring a unique and emotional feeling to the movie. Where did the idea come from? Our desire was to make a realistic film first and foremost, something you can easily identify with.

les parasites bande annonce

We both wanted and needed to say things about society based on the mass economy that surrounds us and chokes us. So we created a world in which it had disappeared, collapsed. In the film, we really tried to stay as close as possible to the real despite our imaginary world and we worked on all aspects of the film with this mentality: the creation of the characters, the writing of their background, costumes, decoration, staging, and how to film and les parasites bande annonce the film.

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It was the formidable work of the team and the actors that allowed us to make the most of our ideas, and perhaps to have succeeded in transmitting our message and the emotion we wanted.

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